What Sets Us Apart

With a team that has a combined total of 171 years of dental experience, you know you’re in good hands!

What makes our office unique?

  • Our team is trained and cross-trained to better assist in our patients’ treatment efficacy. Dr. Huie continually keeps up with technological advances and encourage our team to do the same by providing opportunities in continuing education seminars and workshops.
  • Our digital imaging has precise detailing to ensure excellence in diagnosis and treatment while minimizing radiation. It is also very quick and time-efficient for the care and comfort of our patients.
  • Our team offers individualized care and consideration in treating each patient. We consider our patients’ age, maturity, ability, and primary concerns. We do not take the “cookie cutter” approach to patient care.

Why is our pediatric dental care special?

  • We offer “fun visits” for children worried about coming to the dentist. Children come in and get a tour of the office, and we help them to become more comfortable with us before their treatment appointment. Many times, patients end up looking forward to their visits because they’ve had such a fun time here already.
  • Before any treatment, we walk our patient through what we’re going to do, how it’s going to feel, and what they’re going to experience. We believe this helps foster their natural curiosity and puts them at ease.
  • Dr. Huie takes a comprehensive view of his patients’ overall health and experience. For him and the rest of the team, pediatric dentistry is so much more than fixing baby teeth—it’s about building a foundation for a lifetime of oral health!
  • Parents are always welcomed into the treatment area, and are encouraged to take an active role in the oral health of their children.
  • When it comes to being gentle and kind, there are few better than Dr. Huie. He genuinely cares for each child and hopes they all have a positive experience in our office.